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LED downlights offer energy efficiency, low heat output and high quality light. These versatile lights are have a long lifespan and durability.

Easy to install and low maintenance, all of our LED downlights come with between 2 years and 10 years manufacturing warranty.

Upgrade your project with LED downlights to add stylish lighting for any room or location.

Shift In Downlight

Particle Accent Downlight

EQ Tilt Downlight

Square Single Downlight

Square Double Downlight

Apex Downlight

Switch Downlight

Akira Square Downlight

Kinetic Downlight

Titanium Curve Downlight

Titanium Downlight

EQ Essential Downlight

EQ Comfort Downlight

Titanium Starlight Mini Downlight

Particle Focus Downlight

Apex Adjustable Downlight

Titanium Starlight Surface Downlight

Titanium Surface Mount Downlight

Square Triple Downlight

Scope Spotlight

Roystar Downlight

Kobe Spotlight

Particle Downlight

Shift Out Downlight

Akira Round Downlight

Axis Surface Mount Downlight

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